Our Technology 

A cloud-based platform for managing marketing.  

DG Portals offers FlightDeck, a leading Marketing Management Platform, which can help your corporation better manage, manufacture and distribute its marketing assets. We can help you better manage your budget, as well as your brand. With our intelligent budget controls, flexible integration capabilities and complete reporting instruments you will able to control every aspect of your marketing portal. Plus, FlightDeck is delivered online and on-demand, so there’s nothing to install or keep updated. 

Flightdeck Design

  •  No hardware, no installation 
  •  Automated updates
  •  High availability configuration
  •  Multi-tiered application  
  •  Intuitive interface
  • Dynamic landing pages



  •  Branded storefronts & theme colors
  •  Easy to use user interface 
  •  Advanced searching for orders, products and users
  •  Real-time status on inventory and orders
  •   Configurable products 
  •  Powerful administrative rights

FlightDeck User Interface


FlightDeck web-to-print solution makes it easy for the marketing team to support the sales team. In a few short steps a user is quickly able to log in, prepare and order the materials they need.